29-30.April 6 Oct City, Giza

IT MUST Conference

Under the Auspices of

  • Mr. Khaled Altoukhy Chancellor, Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Honorary President of the Conference

  • Prof. Dr. Muhammad H. El-Azzazi - President of Misr University of Science and Technology

President of the Conference

  • Prof. Dr. Hany Harb - Dean of College of Information Technology
Monday 29 April Buliding SS : Lab:216 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM IOT & Big data Session
Prof.Essam Dawood , Dean of Faculty of Computers and Information Sciences, zarqa university , jordan
ID Paper Title Authors Abstract Download
1 Challenges of Big Data Visualization in Internet-of-Things Environments
Doaa Mohey Eldin ,Aboul Ella Hassanien , Ehab Ezat Abstract
2 Smart Farming: IoT Based Smart Sensors Agriculture Stick for Live Temperature and Moisture Monitoring using Arduino, Cloud Computing and Solar Technology
Dina M. Hamed, Rana Essam, Mohamed S. Elsersy, Khalid S. R Aloufi Abstract
3 Secure Data Using Quick Response Code
El-Toma ,EL-Hadi Addam ,EL-Zain, EL-Daein, Faisal Mohammed Abd Alla Ali Karary Abstract
4 A Pharmacy Blockchain System Enhanced by Crowd Sourcing
Doaa Mohey El-Din ,Mohamed Hamed Nasr Eldin,Nour Eldin Mahmoud Abstract
5 Cloud computing Security Models for the IoT
Mohamed S. Elsersy ,Khalid S. R Aloufi,,Nehal emad Abstract
6 Blockchain: Challenges, Opportunities,and Related Services with an Application on Research Problems for Egypt
Fathy Amer Abstract
7 The Role of Information Technology in Crisis Management
Mohamed Fakhri, Naglaa Sayed Abdelrehem, Fathi Ahmed Amer Abstract
Monday 29 April Buliding SS : Lab:217 A 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM Networking Session
Prof.Moahmed Aiesh , Dean of Faculty of Computers and Information Sciences ,islamic university , lebanon
ID Paper Title Authors Abstract Download
1 Range-based Localization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
Abdelhady M. Naguib Abstract
2 Airborne Communication Networks: New Radio Access Platforms beyond 5G Wireless Communication
Walid M. Raafat,Fathy A. Amer Abstract
3 A Modified Method for Detecting DDoS Attacks Based on Artificial Neural Network
Mohamed Nagy ,Moataz A. Mohamed,Mohamed El-Sersy,Khalid S. Aloufi Abstract
4 Hybrid Compression Techniques for EEG Data Based on Lossy/Lossless Compression Algorithms
Madyan Alsenwi, Tawfik Ismail, and M. Saeed Darweesh Abstract
5 A New Multiple Sequence Alignment Algorithm
Sara Shehab, ArabiKeshk ,SamehShohdy, MohamedElMeshawy Abstract
6 A fast and accurate methodology for assessing queueing metrics in cloud data centers under light loads
Ismail Mohamed Ismail,Mohamed Ali Ahmed ,Safa Abdul Aziz ,Hamed Nassar Abstract
7 Design A Distributed Adaptive VoIP Load Balancing (DA-VOIP-LB) Over Cloud
Tamer Elnawawy, Hossam Ishkewy, Hany Harb Abstract
Tuesday 30 April Buliding SS : Lab:216 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM AI Session
Prof. El Mongy binkhairallah El hady ,Dean of Faculty of Computers and Information Sciences ,Sfax university , Tunisia
ID Paper Title Authors Abstract Download
1 Landmine Depths Detection and VClassification Using Deep Learning Algorithms Based on 1D Reflected Signal
Mohammad W. Khalaf,Fatma M. Elhefnawi, Hany M. Harb Abstract
2 A Performance Enhancement of Breast Cancer Detection Model using Ensemble Classifier
Aya Hossam,Islam Hany M Harb ,Hala M. Abd El Kader Abstract
3 Modeling and Simulation of Low Cost MEMS Gyroscope Using MATLAB (SIMULINK) for UAV Autopilot Design
Ebrahim H.Kapeel ,Ahmed M. Kamel,Ahmed Omar El farouk Abstract
4 Enhanced Partition Algorithm for Multiple Sequence Alignment with Dynamic Programming
Eman M. Mohamed , Hamdy M. Mousa ,Arabi E. Keshk Abstract
5 Social Media Sentiment Analysis using Machine Learning and Optimization Techniques
E. M. Badr, Mustafa Abdul Salam , Mahmoud Ali Abstract
6 Image Super-resolution with Fast and Lightweight Enhanced Residual Network
Mohamed Haitham Atif,Alaa Zaghloul Abstract
7 Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), State of the Art: Applied on Plastic Injection Molding Factory
M.I.Mahmoud, Hossam Hassan Ammar, Mostafa Hassan Eissa, Mohamed M. Hamdy Abstract
Tuesday 30 April Buliding SS : Lab:217 A 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM Information systems Session
Prof. Kasm el sayed , Sudan
ID Paper Title Authors Abstract Download
1 Computational intelligent algorithms for Arabic speech recognition
Reda Abo Al ez ,Gamal Tharwat , Muhammad Abo kresha Abstract
2 On the metric dimension of Some Families of cyclic graphs
E. M. Badr, A. Elrokh, B. Mohamed Abstract
3 The metric dimension of link graph corresponding to special knots graph
A. Elrokh,Wael Abd El-Kader Awad,B. Mohamed Abstract
4 Automating Food Safety and Quality Management at Egypt Air Company Using Blockchain & IoT Technology
Walaa Adel Mahmoud , Fathy Amer Abstract
5 Techniques for Secure Digital Library at Cloud Computing
Heba Sayed,Hesham N. Elmahdy ,Fathy Amer, Sherif Shaheen Abstract
6 The Role of E-Government in Enhancing Transparency in employment for postgraduates in Saudi Arabia
Mohammed Al-Saif , Ahmad Abdel Whab Abstract
7 Image Processing Methods For Gamma Radiation Effect Detection On Optical Fibers
8 Artificial Neural Network Modeling of Gamma Radiation Effect On Optical Fiber Transmission Bit Rate
Tuesday 30 April Buliding SS : Lab:216 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM Intelligent Systems Session
Prof.Gehad Ahmed Hamed AlSaadi,Jordan
ID Paper Title Authors Abstract Download
1 Temperature Analysis of Microwave Ablation in Liver Tumor
Menna Asran, Amira S. Ashour, Heba A. El-Khobby Abstract
2 Temperature Analysis in Radio Frequency Ablation based Thermal Therapy
Asmaa Ali, Amira S. Ashour ,Heba A. El-Khobby Abstract
3 Compressive Sensing in Medical Image Compression
EmanElsaidAlaa,Amira S. Ashour1,Hossam M. Kasem Abstract
4 Optimizing Support Vector Machine using Gray Wolf Optimizer algorithm for Breast Cancer detection
E. M. Badr, Mustafa Abdu,Salam,Hagar Ahmed Abstract
5 Appraisal of major Risk factors in Juvenile Delinquency using Data Mining
Ahmed Said Badawy, Abdelmoty M.Ahmed, Wade Ghribi, Suresh Babu Changalasetty, Lalitha Saroja Thota,Muhammad Ahmed Saeed Abstract
6 Comparative Study between Conventional and Soft Computing Techniques of Maximum Power Point Tracking for A Stand Alone PV System
Omnia S. S. Hussian , Hany M. Elsayed , M. A. Moustafa Hassan Abstract
Tuesday 30 April Buliding SS : Lab:217 A 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM Wireless Communications Session
Prof.Saad Bani Mohammad,Jordan
ID Paper Title Authors Abstract Download
1 Challenges for Providing Fiber to the Home Services in Low Density Compounds
Tarek Heggi,Reem S. AbdAlla ,Fathy Amer,Mariam Hazman Abstract
2 Design and Analysis the Performance of Long-Haul InterSatellite Optical Wireless Communication System at 7.2 Gbps by Using Lithium-Niobate MZM.
Ahmed Refaat Elhelw ,Hamdy A. SharSher ,Abd El–Naser A. Mohamed ,Ahmed Nabih Zaki Rashed Abstract
3 Comparison of Traditional and Cloud-based models for Multi-robot Exploration and Fire Searching
K. Mohamed, A. Elshenawy Abstract
4 Handover Authentication protocol for Mobile Cloud Computing
Khalid M. Hosny, Marwa M. Khashaba ,Walid I. Khedr Abstract
5 Survey Wavelength Diversion Based on Series of Different Nonlinear Effects Using Wide Band Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers
Abd El-naser A. Mohamed ,Ahmed Nabih Zaki Rashed, Mohamed Salah F.Tabbour Mohamed Basuony Aboelazm Benha Abstract
6 Proposed algorithm for Optimal Resource Allocation for Cloud Computing Environments
Mohamed Fakhri, Naglaa Sayed Abdelrehem, Fathi Ahmed Amer Abstract